If you are looking at this page, you’ve got time to kill and a curious nature: well done!  Those are useful and admirable traits.

What’s going on here?

In case  you had not realised, Follow My Link is a convenient way for me to share content where it will be helpful and relevant.

So far so good?  Read on compadre 😉

Information wants to be free… so:

advice about HR, employment law, data protection and anything else that comes to hand/mind will be free.

I post it here, you read it, and if you know someone else who will benefit from it you can share the link (in fact you are positively encouraged to do so).

Personal data and company confidential information needs to be protected… so:

I often need answers to the same types of questions, so from time to time I’ll throw a form up here to make it easier to take instructions.

Information flowing inwardly (i.e. from you to me) will be kept strictly confidential and only shared with one of the entities identified in the privacy notice.

Why are the pages not available to browse? 

The answer is simple: you don’t want to waste your time on content that is not relevant to you; if I haven’t linked you to something, it probably isn’t relevant to you.