Contract compliance checker

Employers must provide employees with a Section 1 Employment Rights Act 1996 statement of employment particulars within two after the beginning of employment.

Answer the questions below to check whether a contract or statement of employment particulars is compliant:

Note: this must be a legal person (i.e. one or more natural persons, or a corporate entity).
Note: this will usually be the same as the date employment began, but in cases involving transfers it will be an earlier date.
E.G. weekly, monthly or some other specified interval.
Note: including public holidays, and holiday pay (the particulars given being sufficient to enable the employee’s entitlement, including any entitlement to accrued holiday pay on the termination of employment, to be precisely calculated).
E.G. absence reporting procedures.
Note the required details are: (i)the period for which he is to work outside the United Kingdom, (ii)the currency in which remuneration is to be paid while he is working outside the United Kingdom, (iii)any additional remuneration payable to him, and any benefits to be provided to or in respect of him, by reason of his being required to work outside the United Kingdom, and (iv)any terms and conditions relating to his return to the United Kingdom.