File naming and sharing best practice

It is not essential to follow the guidance below, but if you can follow these steps it will save considerable time.

Firstly, and most importantly, please name all documents YYYY.MM.DD <description> and save as either:

  • pdf (portable document file, these have the extension ‘.pdf’)
  • mircrosoft word documents (these have the extension ‘.docx’)
  • jpeg images, or
  • some other universally accessible file format

Please do not drag and drop (or save) emails in the format your email software uses (I won’t be able to read them and they may become corrupted). 

Often saving emails is challenging because previous emails are copied in chains.  It is best to separate the emails out into individual files. 

The video below provides some more guidance on how to easily do this and what to do when multiple emails were sent on the same date.

Click the 4 arrows icon on the bottom right to enlarge the window to fit your whole screen.