For Ruerri – for his future, his education and his long term happiness

Dear Rue,

You may be confused about what is going on between your mother and I and the School authorities.

Mummy does not think logically I am afraid, and she is very bad at giving an accurate account of what happens in her life. This is particularly so when she is upset and her emotional thinking takes control of her (which it does a lot).

You deserve the opportunity to understand for yourself: from the documents.

Click the link >> here << to read the recent correspondence between Mummy & I and the School regarding the challenges we all face.

I am not going to give you my opinion: I will let the documents in the link above speak for themselves and leave you to decide what you think.

You don’t have to agree with me, or with Mummy or with the School: you are your own man and you make your own mind up about things. I will always support you with this.

Love Daddy xxx