Performance Review

“What gets measured gets improved”

Managers and those who report to them must take time to meet regularly for one to one meetings.

In this way:

  • efforts are concentrated on work that underpins the organisation’s high level objectives
  • effective and friendly communication is fostered
  • concerns can be raised and addressed
  • performance management is transparent and fair

The frequency of review meetings should be agreed between managers and more senior management.

Performance review meetings are high priority meetings – the success of the organisation and those within it depends on them – so they must take place regularly and reliably

The form below is designed to help managers and team members address relevant areas.  It also creates a record of the meeting for both members of staff.

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Revenue Generation

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New Candidates Registered

Active Open Jobs

Candidates Posted Online

General Performance Indicators:

Support, mentoring and training

If not applicable write 'none'.
Ensure both Manager and Employee put this in their diaries / calendars.
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