Standard clause, Employer duties: information to be obtained from migrant employees

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  1. Immigration permission: notification obligations
    1.1 Since you require immigration permission to work in the UK, and in order for us to comply with our sponsorship obligations where we act as a sponsor, you must:
    (a) On request, provide us with such evidence as we require from time to time, to prove:
    (i) your nationality and identity;
    (ii) that you have relevant immigration permission and professional accreditations to work for us in the role and for the period set out in clauses [NUMBERS]; and
    (iii) that you have the appropriate leave to enter or remain in the UK and the date on which your leave expires.
    (b) Notify us immediately of any change to your immigration status.
    (c) Notify us immediately of any changes to your contact details, including your UK residential address, phone number (including mobile phone number, if you have one) and personal email address. You should be aware that we need to maintain a record of all your previous contact details, not just your current details.
    (d) Notify us immediately if you are going to be absent from work for any period of time, with details of the reason for the absence and the anticipated length of absence. All absences should be notified in accordance with the relevant Company policy that governs the reason for the absence, for example the [Sickness Absence, Maternity, Paternity and Parental Leave Policies].
    (e) Notify us immediately of any change in circumstances which may affect your right to work for us or to live in the UK.
    1.2 Failure to observe these obligations may lead to disciplinary action being taken against you under the [Disciplinary Procedure].