Note: this must be either: the name of a sole trader, the names of partners of a partnership, the name of a limited company or the name of a limited liability partnership.
If you do not agree, please provide an explanation of why this is, so we can take your views into proper consideration.
If no measures are proposed please answer ‘no measures’. Typically measures are such things as: reduction in staff numbers, changes to working hours or pay arrangements, or the place where work is undertaken, or to job titles or holiday arrangements, or to pension arrangements, policies or contractual rights.
Note: if you provide this a copy of the form will be sent to this person by email when the form is submitted.
Note: you do not have to answer this, but if you are able to do so it will help us to ensure this matter receives prompt attention as required by TUPE Reg 13 and to minimise the risk of an award against both your organisation and ours.