DSAR Compliance Form

This form should be completed by the person within the organisation who is responsible for responding to Data Subject Access Requests.

A copy of this form will automatically be sent to SDC HR.

+ 1 Calendar Month from Date DSAR Received
+ 3 Calendar Months from Date DSAR Received


If ‘No’, then the identify of the person making the DSAR must be checked to ensure it is the Data Subject.

Data Assets

If ‘Other’ is selected give details below:

Search Criteria

if ‘Other’ is selected give details below:
Example: ‘John Smith’, ‘J Smith’, ‘John S’, ‘jsmith@organation.co.uk’.
Enter the date from which data is to be searched
Enter the date up to which data is to be searched


Volume of Data

Data Processors

If ‘Yes’ go on to answer the next question
If ‘Yes’ go on to identify all relevant Data Processors
If ‘No’ answer the question below and write to the Data Subject claiming the 2 month extension
If ‘Other reason’ is selected, complete the field below
If necessary note the action points to be taken to search for personal data and collate the results.

This template letter can be used to acknowledge receipt of a DSAR.

If the two month extension is required this template letter can be used to notify the Data Subject of this.

Privacy Notices
Data in this form is processed by SDC HR as an article 28 GDPR processor to the organisation above. As such SDC HR is a data processor and the data controller is the organisation in question, which should ensure that this processing activity is reflected in its privacy notice/s.