Everest 2020 Policy Template Download Page

The templates linked below are up to date as at April 2024 and are licensed to Everest 2020 Ltd under clause 5 of SDC HR Ltd’s Terms of Business which provides:

‘The Company may offer the Client one or more of its Company Products (e.g. Template Contracts of Employment, Policies, Handbooks, Settlement Agreements, Performance Management or Recruitment Forms, etc) at a price to be mutually agreed between the Parties in which case such Company Product will be charged separately from 4. above [i.e clients who have an Service Level Agreement] and the agreement shall be for the sale of a licence for the Client to use the Company Product only.’

Please use the links below to download editable MS Word versions of the policies:

01 Recruitment Policy

02 Holiday Policy

03 Flexible Working and Predictable Terms Policy

04 Equal Opportunities Policy

05 Drugs and Alcohol Policy

06 Wellbeing Policy

07 Menopause Policy

08 Maternity and Family Friendly Policy

09 Homeworking Policy

10 Social Media Policy

11 Harassment and Bullying Policy

12 Performance Improvement Policy

13 Absence Management

14 Grievance Policy

15 Whistleblowing Policy

16 Bribery Policy

17 Data Protection Policy

18 Modern Slavery Policy

19 Disciplinary Policy

20 Redundancy Policy

21 Right to Work Policy

22 Religious and National Holiday Celebration Policy

23 Car Policy

24 Computers Email and Internet Policy

25 Appraisal Policy

26 Training and Development Policy